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Our global advisory team designs solutions to rein in financial and professional liability risks that can affect your organization’s fiscal health, reputation, and leaders’ livelihoods.

330 U.S. colleagues, 61% of Fortune 100 clients, 51% of Fortune 250 clients, 45% of Fortune 500 clients, 40% of Fortune 1000 clients

Data breaches and cyber security risk. Intellectual property and patent infringement. Global and local jurisdictional challenges. Directors and officers liability. Professional reputations. Employment practices liability and wage and hour liability. Mergers and acquisitions. And these are only a sampling of risks your organization faces.

Marsh’s Financial and Professional Liability (FINPRO) Practice helps you anticipate, model, and manage threats to your business. Our risk advisors around the globe guide your company on issues ranging from litigation to extortion to fiduciary liability. We enlist expertise from other Marsh & McLennan Companies businesses to craft holistic solutions. And our industry-leading analytics platform delivers salient data to crystalize crucial insights and inform risk decisions.
Marsh leads the industry, educating insurers on your business risks and customizing coverage to manage specific challenges, enabling you to conduct business with confidence.

The result: stability for your business — which can facilitate innovation and growth, improve cash flow and return on investment, and increase shareholder value.

Marsh can help you understand your cyber, director and officers, employment practices liability or errors and omissions liability risks and how to mitigate your exposure.

Cyber security risk and information protection can be challenging for companies of all sizes. Hackers are not the only threat — today’s businesses rely on the internet for services such as online marketing, administrative functions, inventory management, credit card processing, and distribution controls. Any intrusion that disrupts delivery of these services can lead to brand and reputation damage, regulatory scrutiny, stakeholder dissatisfaction, and financial losses.

Company directors and officers (D&O) cannot reduce the complexity of the business, legal, and regulatory environment. What they can do, however, is take steps to protect their own personal assets — through a combination of strong corporate governance, broad corporate indemnification, and a risk transfer program that includes a high-quality directors and officers liability insurance program.

Today's business climate has left companies open to many forms of employment risks, including sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination lawsuits, commanding ever-higher damage awards. Employment practices liability risks can result not only in dire financial consequences, but also in irreparable damage to an organization’s reputation. 

One of the most overlooked, but potentially damaging, liability exposures in business today is errors and omissions (E&O). An error and omissions by definition is an actual or alleged act, error or omission, misstatement, misleading statement, or breach of fiduciary duty or other duty committed when providing or failing to provide professional services.

You’re likely to be an excellent candidate for errors and omissions insurance if you provide a service, especially in technology, for a fee; provide installation, integration, support, maintenance, or related services; manufacture, distribute, or sell computer software, hardware, telecommunications products, and/or components; develop, publish, broadcast, or distribute content (whether or not you charge for it).

Our Digital Asset Risk Transfer (DART) team offers specialized risk transfer solutions tailored to the needs of companies operating in the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital asset arena. We can help you determine which forms of insurance coverage you need and build effective insurance programs that wil respond when needed, enabling you to capitalize on new digital asset opportunities and stay ahead of your competitors.


The IPO process can represent a significant milestone for a company and be the culmination of years of work by its owners and senior executives; but, the journey from private to public company is full of new risks and exposures. Understanding and addressing these risks are critical before launching an IPO. To help organizations understand and address the risks and exposures as they launch their IPO journey, Marsh has collaborated with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)  to contribute content in their 3rd edition of the NYSE IPO Guide.