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To run your business, you need guarantees for contracts and other financial obligations.  Our surety experts provide industry-leading, innovative bond consulting services.

US$800 million in global surety premium… 250 surety experts… MSurety online bond management system

With deep expertise and construction experience, the Marsh Surety Practice  supports corporations and construction contractors with bespoke consultative surety services. Leveraging our global network, our dedicated team of surety specialists work to implement strategies and solutions to free up credit capacity and mitigate financial risk – supporting current projects and driving future growth. 

From executing bonds to reviewing contracts, obtaining capacity from surety companies, tailored project analysis, and more, our suite of services delivers a comprehensive view of risk – with additional tools and platforms available to streamline program management and power real-time, data-driven decision making.


Surety is a credit instrument known as a bond guarantee. It is not insurance. A firm called a "surety company" guarantees that a business corporation called a "principal" will carry out an obligation to a third party, called an "obligee." Two examples of such obligations include:

  1. A contractor constructing a site according to the contract specifications for the owner.
  2. A firm supplying goods within a predetermined time frame to a third party.


Construction surety provides in-depth industry knowledge, solutions, project analysis, contract review, and day-to-day construction bond execution services. Examples of these bonds include construction and environmental performance, payment, supply, maintenance, and warranty bonds.

Construction contractors must provide the party for which they are performing operations with a surety guarantee that they will complete the project by the date specified in the construction contract in accordance with all plans and specifications.

By providing a surety bond, the surety company assures the project owner that the contractor will perform a contract in accordance with the contract documents.


Subcontractor default presents a high risk in the construction industry. A struggling subcontractor can have far-reaching financial and performance consequences on a construction project. In a worst-case scenario, a subcontractor default could result in project delays, jeopardize profit margins, and damage relationships between contracting parties.

A key to Marsh’s industry-leading offering is our proprietary SubSecure Report, which prequalifies a subcontractor’s financial standing from a surety point of view. Assigning anumerical solvency score based on key benchmarks, this report provides general contractors, engineering and construction firms, construction managers, project owners, and specialty contractors with a comprehensive view of a subcontractor’s financial strengths and weaknesses.

Providing a in-depth view of potential risks, the SubSecure Report delivers:

  • An individual report that scores subcontractors’ financial factors against 10 important areas to identify if they present a high risk of default.
  • An individual contractor “Z Score” report that is widely recognized as an indicator of potential financial problems. 
  • A subcontractor portfolio report to analyze the overall credit and financial quality of your subcontractors.

Based on the above reports, clients are ale to prequalify and determine whether to accept or decline a subcontractor. Alternatively, for strong risks, clients may elect to waive bonding requirements to achieve cost savings associated with bond premiums.


Delivering additional value to our clients, the Marsh digital MSurety Reporting Portal streamlines bond management and monitoring via in a centralized, easy to use platform.


With 24/7 account access, MSurety provides continuous surety program and bond exposure monitoring – delivering real-time insights to power informed decision making. Customized to best fit your needs, this bespoke platform provides a comprehensive view of your program – providing the ability to view bonds and documents, submit requests for bond transactions, and approve or reject requests, among other features.

With a real-time view of bond exposures, clients are better able to meet professional sttandards and Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements.


One of the many challenges for businesses is the need to post security for financial obligations. This security can take a variety of forms such as cash escrow and letters of credit (LOCs). But surety bonds can also be used to guarantee a variety of obligations where LOCs or cash escrow are currently used and is a cost effective alternative to traditional security.


For more information on how Marsh can help your company witj bespoke consultative surety services, contact David Hewett.